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Vall d'Or Golf - close to the sea


Vall d'Or Golf - close to the sea


Vall d’Or Golf

In the southeastern part of the island we find beautiful Vall d’Or Golf, a fun golf course which is suitable for everyone regardless of handicap. As the course sits upon a hill some of the holes offer a lovely view over the Mediterranean ocean and the quaint fishing village of Porto Colom. Spend a lazy afternoon in the clubhouse, or have a look around a neighboring area. The south-eastern part of Mallorca has a lot to offer.


Just 10 minutes’ drive from the golf course is one of the most beautiful natural harbors on the island, Portocolom. Portocolom has its roots in a long seafaring tradition, and the most distinctive in the small town is the beautiful lighthouse "Faro de Punta de Ses Crestes". When the lighthouse was completed during the early 1860s, a lamp with olive oil was used to spread light in the darkness to help sailors find their way safely into the harbor. Since then, the lighthouse has undergone many changes. Are you curious about the lighthouse so you can read more here. Along the harbor promenade are a large number of restaurants, which offer a good selection of fresh fish and other delightful Mediterranean foods.

Restaurant Sa Llotja

A restaurant that is worth mentioning is Sa Llotja, which is nicely situated in Portocoloms port, with a lovely view of the boats and the turquoise water. The restaurant is very popular with both visitors and local residents. If you want to eat here, it is therefore best to have planned a little in advance, and to have made a reservation at least the day before. This can be done over the phone 971 82 51 65, or you can contact us, and we’ll help you book a table.

Have a look at Sa Llotja’s webpage.


Near Portocolom there are many nice bays and beaches. We recommend three of them ,all very different from another.

Baños de Cleo – small bay on the way to the lighthouse. Here you can swim from the strange and intriguing rock formations sculpted by the waves over thousands of years. See position on google maps here.

Cala Marçal – biggest beach in the area, very popular thank to its clear waters and fine sand. In the area you also fins many cafés and bars where you can drink something cold. Directions and more informarion here.

Cala Estreta – one of the smallest bays in the area, pretty difficult to get to. Suits those of you who like a challenge and prefer a challenge and to have lots of privacy at the beach. See position on Google Maps here.

Cala d’Or

15 minutes’ drive from Vall d’Or Golf, is Cala d'Or, a cozy town with nice bays, beaches and restaurants. The village consists mostly of low, white houses lined with palm trees, and gives a nice harmonic feel. Out on one points of Cala d’Or you will find an old fort, called Es Forti, which is worth a visit if you are in the area. Streets with the most restaurants and shops are called Belgica Avenida and Calle de Andrés Roig, if you do not count the marina of course. Here you find restaurants galore! All they have in common is a lovely view.

Yacht Club Cala d'Or

A special and lovely restaurant is the luxurious yacht club that sits on a privileged location in Cala d'Or marina. This is a fantastic restaurant with an incredible lunch and dinner menu. It is also a popular wedding venue, so chances are good that during the summer you will see one or two bridal couples at the club. With an incredibly service-oriented staff and a well thought out menu, this restaurant is one of the best on the island. We recommend that you book your table in advance, and it is most easily done by phone971 64 82 03, or you can contact us, and we’ll help you book a table. For those of you who are very curious you can have a sneak-peek at the menu by clicking here.


Cala d'Or is made up of many small coves and beaches, and there are even more in the adjoining areas of Porto Petro and Cala Ferrera. Also nearby we find the stunning nature reserve Parque Natural de Mondrago. In the Cala d'Or area, we list here three nice beaches. Then they all located very centrally, they are very easy to find, and all three are relatively equal. That is, each one is incredibly beautiful, with fine sand, turquoise waters and a swanky backdrop of limestone cliffs and pine trees.

If after reading this you feel like coming to Majorca to enjoy the island and to play golf, have a look at our golf packages, or make your own flexible golf package! And, if you still don’t find what you are looking for, just send us an email to sales@mallorcagolftours.com or give us a call on +44 (0)20 359 838 71 and we will be happy to help you!

Play golf, enjoy Majorca!

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