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 Hiking in Majorca - Puig de Galatzo


Hiking in Majorca - Puig de Galatzo


Are you longing to see a different part of Majorca, which you did not know existed? Ta go hiking in the Majorcan nature is something that surprises most people – in a positive way! Majorcan’ nature is incredibly varied and exciting, and when you are here you sometimes want to experience something more that the classic golf holiday with sun and beach life. So why not try hiking? When it comes to hiking, Majorca offers amazing opportunities, whether you are interested in hiking close to the beautiful turquoise water, or if you want something higher up in the amazing mountains. In this week’s post we will present a hike that goes through the beautiful natural park Galatzó. Puig de Galatzó is a mountain located in the southern end of the Sierra de Tramuntana, and this hike goues through forests, past waterfalls and offers magnificent views of the coastline.

Puig de Galatzo - Overview
Location: Southwest MajorcaNearest town: EstellencsDegree of difficulty: ** Medium **Total distance: ** 10.790 km **Total length: ** 4 hours and 15 minutes **Access: ** From Palma, by bus L200. Palma-Esporles-Banyalbufar-Estellencs. From Peguera, by taking the Nord Balear bus. Paguera-Andratx-Estellencs-Banyalbufar-Valldemossa. By private car, on the Ma-10 road from Andratx or Banyalbufar. By private car from Puigpunyent, following the directions to “La Reserva. Puig de Galatzó”. **Starting point: ** Km 97 on the Ma-10 (between Andratx and Estellencs) **Circular path: ** Yes **Maximum altitude: ** 1,027 m **Minimum altitude: ** 282 m **Grade: ** 700 m **Accumulated uphill grade: ** 838 m **Accumulated downhill grade: ** 702 m **Estimated time one-way: ** 2 hours and 15 minutes **Estimated time returning: ** 2 hours **Recommended season: ** Spring, Autumn and Winter


A: Km 97 on the Ma-10 (between Andratx and Estellencs) Distance 0.000 km - Time 0 hours - Altitude 290 m - N39 38'45.539" E2 27'43.801" Take the path that reaches a crossroads after some 10 min., (N39 38.697 E2 27.921). Turn left and continue toward a picnic area.

B: Boal de ses Serveres Distance 0.650 km - Time 15 minutes - Altitude 400 m - N39 38'35.880" E2 28'4.620" Past the rebuilt coal workers’ cottage, take the uphill trail (Pas des Cossis, going south) to the fork (10 min., N39 38.494 E2 28.124) and turn left there. The path runs along the left side of the riverbed and then continues flat heading south. The path goes by several coalmines, turns toward the left and gently rises.

C: Pas de na Sabatera Distance 3.520 km - Time 1:15 - Altitude 715 m - N39 38'20.759" E2 29'6.241" At this crossroads, we find the downhill path opposite and to the right, the climb to the peak. Take this path (heading southwest).

D: Fork to the peakDistance 4.060 km - Time 1:35 - Altitude 820 m - N39 38'13.678" E2 29'8.221" Opposite us is the normal route (see “Other options”). Turn right (first toward the southwest, and then south), following the markers, along a rocky path until you reach the canal that leads to the peak.

E: Puig des Galatzó Distance 4.670 km - Time 2 hours - Altitude 1,027 m - N39 38'2.219" E2 29'11.940" Wonderful panoramic views of the southwest of the island, the bay of Palma and the highest peaks of the mountain range. Go back along the path you came up, to Pas de na Sabatera.

F: Pas de na Sabatera Distance 5.780 km - Time 2 hours and 45 minutes - Altitude 715 m - N39 38'21.418" E2 29'6.900" Turn right (toward the “Font de Dalt” sign) and in 10 min., you will enter a forest with numerous uprooted trees due to the storm in November 2001. Two minutes later, you will reach the first coal mine (N39 38.269 E2 29.409) where the path turns toward the left. Ten minutes later, you will come to a fork in the road, where you will go left (toward the “Boal de Ses Serveres” sign). The existence of a cistern, ruins and stone terraces indicate that crops were grown in the forest. Fifteen minutes later, the path turns left and you will see a rocky crag opposite. Another 50 m to the right you will reach a lookout platform.

G: LookoutDistance 7.670 km - Time 3 hours and 25 minutes - Altitude 450 m - N39 38'41.218" E2 29'12.839" Return to the path and 5 min. later you will pass by a somewhat hidden path on the right (it descends through Son Fortuny private property) and continue straight (toward the “Boal de Ses Serveres” sign).

H: Junction near the coalminesDistance 8.750 km - Time 3 hours and 40 minutes - Altitude 370 m - N39 38'41.398" E2 28'43.259" Here you will go uphill again, continuing straight ahead, and after a few minutes you will be able to enjoy a good panoramic view of Estellencs. Shortly afterwards, the path levels out and becomes a track (15 min.). Pass by a viewing platform and the free Boal de Ses Serveres shelter on the right.

I: Boal de ses Serveres Distance 10.140 km - Time 4 hours - Altitude 400 m - N39 38'37.021" E2 28'4.440" The track reaches the picnic area you passed by on the way up (N39 38.697 E2 27.921) and, at the fork (5 min.), you turn right.

J: Km 97 on the Ma-10 (between Andratx and Estellencs)Distance 10.790 km - Time 4 hours and 15 minutes - Altitude 290 m - N39 38'46.078" E2 27'43.441" You have reached the end of the route. Well done!

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